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Entertainment in Museums, Exhibitions and Galleries

The famous museums of the world make it: Louvre, MoMA, Kennedy Space Center or National Gallery and Historical Museum; whether Berlin, London, Paris, New York or Stralsund: dusty stones and endless text panels are out of date. The museum of today and tomorrow is interactive, entertaining and modern. Human societies have stood out for thousands of years for their cultural abilities. In order for these generations to be available, each generation transmits its traditions, works, norms and language to the next generation. These cultural achievements find their place above all in museums and exhibitions.

Reconstruction of the High Altar Cable of the Dominican Monastery Church St.Johannis Rostock

Because of wars, fires or transformations, many testimonies of history are lost over the centuries. Digitization is a major step towards lasting preservation and easy access for the public. The challenge lies in the contemporary design and presentation of historical treasures. One of the most important works of art from medieval northern Germany - the high altarpiece of the Dominican monastery church of St.Johanns Rostock - has been virtually reconstructed by PINKAU. In the Kulturhistorisches Museum Rostock still preserved original parts of the altar are exhibited. The visitor receives an impression of the total work of art through the three-dimensional reconstruction.

Dr.Steffen Stuth

Dr. Steffen Stuth

Objects that write history and tell stories - often they are not or only partially preserved.

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Rekonstruktion des Altarretabels

Three-Dimensional Reconstruction

A complete reconstruction and presentation of the high-speed cable has succeeded here via a touch screen.

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Sonntagsseite des Retabels

The Sunday Side of the High Altar Cable

From the medieval high altar only a few original individual elements are preserved.

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Rostock and the World at Kaiserpanorama 1880 - 3D

Around 1900, the ingenious photographer and inventor August Fuhrmann had the idea of ​​presenting cutting-edge images from around the world in public. He created a new company - the Kaiserpanorama. The really spectacular: the pictures were three-dimensional and colored in vivid colors. - And at a time when there was not even photojournalism. In Rostock today is the world's second largest collection of original Stereo 3D slides.


Kaiserpanorama in the Rostock Museum

The Kaiser Panorama offered space for up to 25 people for the optical tours.

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Stände-Haus zu Rostock um 1900

The Stände-Haus Rostock around 1900

Original stereo transparencies like this one can not be made public from a conservation point of view.

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Kaiserpanorama Reenactment


Stereo-3D then and now: with state-of-the-art technology, old pictures are brought back to life and history comes alive.

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