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Virtual and Augmented Reality for Events, Museums and Exhibitions

Early on, PINKAU achieved international recognition through innovative ideas and developments in the area of virtual reality. A multitude of projects on different topics such as automotive history, football game or sailing competition could be successfully experienced immersively in virtual worlds. Planning, storyboard, development and production of the virtual worlds and structural implementation were realized by PINKAU according to the requirements and customer requirements.

Projects: Virtual Reality

To achieve the feeling of immersion, virtual three-dimensional worlds are spatially visualized via head-mounted displays. Special input devices enable interaction with the virtual environment. Optical tracking systems allow free movement in real time.


NISSAN "Virtual Drive 3D"

PINKAU developed a virtual reality system with a 360-degree view to introduce the NissanZ350. Driving the car model was an immersive experience.

Vichy Loreal

VICHY Loreal "Journey through the Skin 3D"

PINKAU developed a virtual reality simulation for the structure and function of human skin. The HMD display allows a 360 degree view.

Virtual Realitye

Vin Pearl Center Vietnam

PINKAU developed different virtual reality devices for a tourism resort with 360 degree HMDs and individual branding.

Projects: Augmented Reality

If a part of the reality is preserved in the virtual world or if the real world is supplemented with virtual information, one speaks of augmented reality or augmented reality. By overlaying information or images in real time, complex relationships become more comprehensible and the clarity is enormously increased. The three-dimensional extension can find a wide variety of applications: navigation, conferences or visualizations of different situations and conditions.

Virtual Time Travel

Reconstruct historic sites in three dimensions and virtually complement the no longer preserved buildings. This is how history comes alive!

Geschichte erleben

Experience History live

Development of city history and architecture. Yesterday and today at a glance: what did it look like 100 years ago?

Kunstschätze rekonstruieren

Reconstruct Art Treasures virtually

Detailed reconstruction and virtual accessibility of lost cultural historical objects. History to touch!

Projects: Simulators

Simulators provide an impressive immersive experience through their spatial, reality-based environment and their ability to move. Virtual environments are visualized via projections. Appropriate input devices control the movement of the simulator and the movement in the virtual environment. PINKAU developed and produced individual simulators for a wide range of topics for numerous projects and customers.

Simulator Henkel


The simulation turns the history and products of the Henkel brand into an experience. PINKAU produced a simulator and adventure world.

Formel 1 Simulator


Particularly impressive is the simulation of races of all kinds. The movement of the simulator is controlled by input devices.

Volvo Ocean Race

VOLVO Ocean Race

Volvo Ocean Race is considered the toughest race in the world. The simulation shows what it feels like to sail on a stormy sea.

Projects: Gesture Control

The intuitive, non-contact control of systems and applications represents a new dimension of interaction. In the foreground is the natural movement and spatial perception of the human being. Control is via a combination of camera and sensors. Applications can be found in a wide variety of areas.

Interactive Floor

Virtual worlds projected onto the ground react to movement. An innovative method to protect the ground e.g. to transform into a play area.

Gesture Control

Designated as a vision of the future a few years ago gesture control finds an application in human-computer interaction.

Interactive Brain

Using computer-aided devices with the power of thought: brainwaves are measured and forwarded to the computer as an input command.