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3D-Camera Technology and 3D-Postproduction

3D-Film & 3D-Trailer Selection

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In recent years, stereo 3D has gained immense popularity. Numerous cinemas, museums, exhibitions and entertainment parks are currently converting from analogue to digital technology. As a pioneer of stereo 3D technology, PINKAU can rely on many years of experience and numerous projects like no other German production company. From the first idea to the finished Full HD 3D film, an experienced team of stereographers and post producers will be at your side throughout the entire workflow. Innovative concepts, cost-efficient implementation and expert advice to 3D live finishing in the cinema with double projection: PINKAU is your competent consultant for 3D film productions that are tailored to your requirements.

3D-Camera Technology

For high-quality stereo 3D images, a Spiegelrig with two precisely matched cameras is necessary. The installation and operation of this complex technology requires trained specialists. PINKAU Interactive Entertainment is one of the few production companies in Germany that has both and can deliver the best possible results.

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Camera Operator Holger Tauer

Cinematographer Holger Tauer is a true 3D specialist. He was awarded several prizes for his diploma thesis, a work on Stereo 3D.

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Reference Book Stereo-3D

Holger Tauer wrote the Reference Book "Stereo-3D", which is now a standard work in the field of S3D Appeared at Schiele & Schön.

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History of 3D

The fascinating technology of 3D is not an invention of modern times. Already in the silent film era, film pioneers experimented with the 3D effect.

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Stereo-3D Film Records

In special recording situations and at special locations, media such as air and water as well as effects such as refraction and reflection must be taken into account in the recording. For a successful spatial representation therefore special equipment and of course the corresponding knowledge are necessary.


Stereo-3D Aerial Photography

State-of-the-art technology and an experienced team make every kind of shooting possible.

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Stereo-3D Reenactment

For 3D history documentaries, film scenes are re-staged according to historical events. The third dimension brings the past to life.

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Stereo-3D Underwater Filming

Special equipment and know-how are needed to stereoscopically showcase life underwater.

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Whether 3D editing, 3D Stereo or color correction in real time - PINKAU is equipped with state-of-the-art production tools for digital 3D film editing. Tools used in Hollywood for blockbusters (Avatar 3D, Pina 3D) are used in our post production. Music, sound, images and effects are optimally coordinated by the experienced team and create 3D content at the highest level: All these creative techniques ensure that your production becomes unique.


3D-Tools for Postproduction

In post production, the world's leading 3D finishing tools "IRIDAS Speedgrade", "NukeX" and "Ocula" are used for optimal 3D.

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3D-Postproduction with NUKEX and OCULAR

PINKAU offers the most modern 3D post production tools with creative and technical know-how for 3D compositing.

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3D-Sounddesign and Filmmusic

In the PINKAU Sound Studio, the entire performance from recording to sound design and sound mixing is at your disposal.

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In post-production, motion design is used in the audiovisual design especially for trailers, credits or advertising clips.

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In compositing, independently recorded elements are combined into a complex, visually effective image.

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Tipps and Tricks

3D-Tools and Tricks

For a selection of Adobe After Effects scripts that enhance the stereoscopic workflow, click here.

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3D-Underwater Filming

Due to our unique location at the Warnemünde Lighthouse, directly on the Baltic Sea, we feel particularly connected to the seas of the world and have specialized in stereo 3D underwater shots like no other company.


3D-Underwater Case

PINKAU has developed a special underwater housing, making it one of the few companies to professionally shoot underwater in 3D.

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Underwater Filming

Through innumerable dives in all oceans, PINKAU 3D images are available in impressive variety and the highest quality.

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Baltic Sea 3D

Harbor porpoises, gray seals and sea hares like no other film crew has ever recorded: in three dimensions.

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