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Art and Culture  //  Kaiserpanorama 3D

The secret behind the 3D Images A PINKAU 3D-Filmproduction // A Story by Gordian Maugg
With the kind support of the Rostock Cultural History Museum


Come on!
The original Imperial Panorama!
Everything worth seeing on earth - ideal, physical and natural!
For the first time in Rostock!

THE SECRET BEHIND THE PICTURES tells the story of Richard Loppin, a dentist from Warnemünde, and his fascination with the novel company "Kaiserpanorama", which was founded around 1880. At that time, the photographer August Fuhrmann had the idea of presenting the latest pictures from all over the world to the public. The really spectacular thing was that the pictures were three-dimensional and vividly colored. And at a time when there wasn't even photojournalism. It is thanks to Richard Loppin that the world's second largest collection of stereo slides is today in Rostock.

Gordian Maugg uses the old stereo slides to tell an almost forgotten chapter in Mecklenburg's cultural history of the 19th century: „It never lets go. You take a boat and go out to sea of ​​time. You want to uncover the secret and go on a journey; a journey and the salvation of this lost history and a whole century of life.“

Dr.Steffen Stuth

Dr. Richard Loppin in front of his house in Warnemünde.

Rekonstruktion des Altarretabels

Warnemünder Mole around 1900.

Warnemünde, Am Leuchtturm um 1900

Warnemünde, At the lighthouse around 1900.


The Kaiserpanorama

At the turn of the 20th century, the brilliant photographer and inventor August Fuhrmann had the idea of publicly showing up-to-date pictures from all over the world. He created a new company - the Kaiserpanorama. It enabled 25 people to view three-dimensional images colored in vivid colors at the same time. And at a time when there wasn't even photojournalism. This impression must have been overwhelming for the visitors. No wonder that around 250 imperial panoramas existed around 1910. The second largest surviving slide inventory is today in Rostock. This is thanks to the enthusiasm of dentist Dr. Richard Loppin. After the company was dissolved, he acquired around 5.000 stereo slide positives. With its three-dimensional public image presentation, the Kaiserpanorama wrote a captivating and almost forgotten chapter in media history.


Gordian Maugg

Gordian Maugg
Screenwriter, director, producer Federal film awards (Silver 1993, Gold 2000)

Thomas Pinkau

Thomas Pinkau
Producer and founder of the company
PINKAU Entertainment

Holger Tauer

Holger Tauer
Cameraman and stereographer, he received several awards for his specialist book "Stereo 3D"



Producer: Thomas Pinkau
Camera: Holger Tauer

With friendly support of the Kulturhistorisches Museum Rostock
Dr. Steffen Stuth, Annelen Karge and the Förderverein Kaiser-Panorama Celle