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Filmproduction  //  Blauer Ozean - Grüne Ostsee 3D

Blauer Ozean - Grüne Ostsee 3D A PINKAU 3D-Filmproduction

The team around stereo cameraman Holger Tauer has been traveling in the world's oceans and the Baltic Sea for 4 years to record the sea creatures in 3D for the cinema screen. Special technology was developed by PINKAU in order to be able to stereoscopically film underwater during the shooting. In summer, the breathtaking 3D images of porpoises, seals and schools of fish can be seen in the film BLAUER OZEAN - GRÜNE OSTSEE 3D in the Ostsee-Welten cinema in Warnemünde.

Grüne Ostsee

Dr.Steffen Stuth

There is a unique biodiversity in the Baltic Sea. The living beings here have to adapt to the special conditions.

Rekonstruktion des Altarretabels

Man gives something back to the sea with an artificial reef. 3D filming on the Nienhäger reef

Sonntagsseite des Retabels

A paradise for fish has been created at a depth of 12 meters with the artificial reef. 3D filming on the Nienhäger reef


Blauer Ozean - Grüne Ostsee 3D
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The latest 3D film production from PINKAU shows impressive stereoscopic images from the world's oceans and unprecedented images of life in the Baltic Sea. The diversity of species and the colors of the coral reefs and tropical waters are well known. But what does life look like in the Baltic Sea? How do the habitats differ and what do they have in common?

When the oceans emerged 4 billion years ago, they were the origin of all life on earth. No form of life can develop without water. The sea occupies most of the surface of the earth. Although we differentiate between large and small oceans and seas, the sea is a coherent, huge ecosystem. The oceans produce half of the oxygen we breathe, they regulate the climate and their inhabitants are an important part of our diet. The sea has influenced our lives like no other element for millennia. It is a transportation route around the globe, the basis of a huge economy and a place of leisure.

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Blauer Ozean - Grüne Ostsee 3D

Blauer Ozean

Gordian Maugg

Corals are actually not colored. It is only by living together with algae and polyps that they get their colorful shape. Coral Reef, Red Sea

Thomas Pinkau

Camera team around Holger Tauer. Specially developed camera housings enable stereoscopic filming underwater. Malta

Holger Tauer

A resident of tropical waters and one of the oldest animals in the world: turtles existed before the dinosaurs. South China Sea